Speakers and Topics 2017

Join us in Pittsburgh  June 21-24 as we expand our offering again this year with more practical training and advanced topics. Learn and  grow in understanding, do some networking, enjoy great fellowship, and maybe even join our new pre-conferences.


Once again, we’ve assembled a group of speakers who will challenge and engage your teachers, staff, and board. We’re finalizing our plenary and full-speaker list, so check back often.

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Dr. Robert P. George

We’re honored to have Dr. Robert George join us this year.  Called “The Conservative-Christian Big Thinker” by the New York Times, he is senior fellow of the Witherspoon Institute, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by George W. Bush, McCormick Professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University, and author of more than 15 books. Dr. George also drafted the Manhattan Declaration on the right to live out our faith. Read more…


Dr. Greg Thornbury

President of The Kings College, son of a Baptist minister, and educated under the supervision of Al Mohler, Dr. Thornbury is an author and contributor to publications including First Things, World Magazine, and the Washington Post. He occasionally guest-hosts the Eric Metaxas show.


Dr. John Mark Reynolds

Founder of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University and St. Constantine’s School in Houston, TX, Reynolds is currently at Houston Baptist University as the Chief Academic Officer. His books include Three Views on the Creation and Evolution Debate with J.P. Moreland, Against All Gods: What’s Right and Wrong about the New Atheism with Phillip E. Johnson, and most recently, When Athens Met Jerusalem: An Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought.


Dr. Louis Markos

While you could buy Dr. Markos’ DVDs from The Teaching Company, you wouldn’t hear these lectures. Enjoy his scholarship and humor live this year at the ACCS conference. Markos is the Robert H. Ray Chair in Humanities and Professor of English at Houston Baptist University. Explore modernism and postmodernism and learn how the church can respond to them. Together we can reverse a mindset that is not only detrimental to the arts but that threatens the central mystery of the Gospels: the Incarnation.


Dr. Christopher Perrin

Dr. Christopher Perrin is an author, consultant, and speaker who specializes in classical education. He is committed to the national renewal of the liberal arts tradition. He co-founded and serves full time as the CEO/publisher at Classical Academic Press, a classical education curriculum, media, and consulting company. He has published numerous articles and lectures that are widely used throughout the United States and the English-speaking world.


Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern is founder and president of the CiRCE Institute, and co-author of The Lost Tools of Writing and Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America with Dr. Gene Edward Veith. Since establishing CiRCE in 1996 to serve classical educators through research and consulting, Andrew has trained and apprenticed innumerable home and school teachers, heads of school, and school boards. Andrew helped start Providence Academy in Green Bay, WI in 1993, Foundations Academy (now The Ambrose School) in Boise, ID in 1996, The Great Ideas Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2001, and Regents School of the Carolinas in 2006.


Douglas Wilson

As a founder of the movement, Douglas Wilson continues to offer fresh insight and provokes us to go further up and further into classical, Christian education. Mr. Wilson is the pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. He is a founding board member of both Logos School and New Saint Andrews College. He will encourage school leaders with a plenary talk on “Leadership and Mimetic Desire” as well as all Repairing the Ruins attendees when he discusses “The Poetic Turn.”


George Grant

George Grant served as an assistant to D. James Kennedy at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and taught at Knox Theological Seminary. He founded the King’s Meadow Study Center and Franklin Classical School in Franklin, TN. He is the author of more than 60 books and hundreds of articles, and currently serves as pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Franklin.

Matt Whitling_new

Matt Whitling

Mr. Whitling earns annual acclaim as our most popular practical speaker. His insights cut classroom management down to size, remind us of our real purpose, and challenge us to live what we believe. This year, Matt will exhort listeners to “Get Your Bearings and Move Forward.” Matt Whitling has taught elementary and secondary classes at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, for the past 21 years. He is currently the secondary and elementary principal at Logos.

Music Practicum

The call for a practical classical application has been heard — again! Last year’s attendance and response exceeded our expectations, so we are offering this pre-conference again. This Kodály music training is excellent for grammar school teachers, music teachers, and anyone curious about how to bring excellence to your music teaching.  This form of training will train young voices to sing on-key, and in parts. This all-day training event is brought to you by David Erb, New Saint Andrews Music Professor, and Jarrod Richey, Kodály Music Teacher | Director of Choral Activities for Geneva Academy. Read more…


Note: We will update this page as information is received.